Critical to intergroup dialogue and political education are the concepts of race and racism, neoliberal globalization, immigration, human rights, intersectionality, and power. But each of these terms represents a complex and ever-expanding body of work on the topic. In an effort to deepen Intergroup Resources visitors’ engagement with these themes, we have prepared “primer” pages for each. The “primers” include a very brief overview defining and delimiting the topic, followed by links to additional resources (in some cases “primers” produced by others) for further exploration.

In addition, our bibliography provides an extensive list of readings the Intergroup Resources research team reviewed in preparation for this project, and it is an ideal place to look for materials that treat these concepts in greater depth.

We encourage all users planning or participating in intergroup dialogue and/or education efforts to review the links below.

Race and Racism
Neoliberal Globalization
Immigration and U.S. Immigration Policy
Human Rights
Popular Education