As a politically engaged research project, Rooting Intergroup Relations: A Curricular “Mapping” of the Field has resulted in both community-centered and academic products.

Intergroup Resources
The principal product has been the creation of this online resource center, Intergroup Resources.

Another critical outcome of this work has been an increasingly-connected network of activists, organizers, and educators dedicated to cross-racial education and coalition-building. Out of this network, a partnership of organizations has emerged, dedicated to stewarding Intergroup Resources and providing “offline” technical assistance to groups seeking to use the resources on the site.

The research team has produced a bibliography of related scholarly, popular, and policy-oriented works on the themes of coalition-building, popular education and organizing, structural racism, race and identity, immigrant integration, intergroup relations, and dialogue efforts, among others. This reading list may be found here.

The research will also result in several academic and policy-oriented presentations and publications. A list of these to date follows. Please check back for links and updates.

Stuesse, Angela, C. Staats, and A. Grant-Thomas. Under Review. “African American-Immigrant Coalition Building: An Anti-Racist Critique of Three Approaches of Immigrant Rights Organizations” Submitted for publication in City & Society.

Stuesse, Angela, N. Kidane, G. Lenoir, S. Pitts, M. Poblet, and L. Rivas. 2012. “Intergroup Coalition-Building and Social Justice: A Conversation with Bay Area Activists.” Roundtable selected as an Executive Session at American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting, San Francisco.

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Stuesse, Angela, A. Grant-Thomas, and C. Staats. 2010. “Rooting African American-Immigrant Relations for Worker Justice: A Curricular ‘Mapping’ of the Field.” American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting, New Orleans.

Image: David Niblack,