Cross Cultural Case Studies Curriculum
Publication date – 2011
Developed by –  Western States Center and Basic Rights Oregon

Aims, objectives, and intended audience

Recognizing that many divisions and issues exist within the collective that comprises “people of color,” Cross Cultural Case Studies is an exercise that uses eight case studies that reflect cross cultural conflict and solidarity. The material builds on these case studies and allows participants to examine the larger underlying societal issues in each of these case studies and apply those lessons to their social justice work today.

Broad structure and key educational methods

This exercise lasts 130 minutes. As noted in the title of this curriculum, the central feature is a series of eight case studies; four of them illustrate solidarity and the remainder profile instances of conflict.

Key topics or themes by module

Following a brief introduction, participants are divided into small groups, and each group is given 20 minutes to read and discuss one of the conflict-focused case studies. Participants are asked to consider three overarching questions with their small groups that examine the motivation for the conflict, who is benefiting from the conflict, and possible solutions. This is followed by a large group discussion that centers on the role of white supremacist institutions, what is meant by a “real American,” the role of economics in each conflict, and possible solutions.

Then the same basic structure repeats with the participants reading positive case studies of solidarity. Group questions probe potential areas for conflict, the solutions that helped create solidarity rather than conflict, and what the communities gained by uniting. The subsequent large group discussion reflects on issues of identity, organizing tactics used to build solidarity, and how the people in the case study addressed white supremacist institutions.

Wrap up discussions compare the positive and negative case studies and asks participants to identify the best practices and principles that can guide their own social justice work.

Curriculum acquisition information

This curriculum is not yet publicly available; however, you may contact the creating organizations for further information regarding its anticipated release.

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